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Meet our insurance experts

Where expertise meets personalised service.

Our dedicated team of insurance professionals is here to provide tailored solutions for your motor and household insurance needs. Specialising in mid to high net worth clients, we understand the unique requirements and expectations that come with protecting your valuable assets.

At Carbon Insurance Brokers, we recognise that every client is unique, with distinct lifestyles, priorities, and levels of exposure to risk. This is why we go beyond the standard approach to insurance, offering bespoke policies that are meticulously designed to fit your specific circumstances. Whether it’s safeguarding your luxury vehicles, protecting your home and valuable possessions, or ensuring comprehensive coverage for unforeseen events, our experts are committed to delivering exceptional service and peace of mind.

Ken Specter

Managing Director

Michelle Burgess

Operations Director

Mark Reddy

IT Director

Keeley Delaney

Risk & Compliance Manager

Julia Warburton

Sales Manager

Caroline Maines

Household Assistant

Anne Power

Customer Service Representative

Mattew Green

Insurance Executive

Faye Lima

Insurance Executive

Garfield Creese

Insurance Executive


Insurance Executive


Insurance Executive