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We always make sure our homes are as secure as possible but often forget about our garage security. Whether you store your car, belongings, tools or gardening equipment in there, it’s essential that it’s secure.

If you’re in need of a garage security make over, you’ve come to the right place. Here we go into some of the things you can do to make sure your garage is more secure.


Install an electric door

Standard garage doors tend to not be as secure as they should be. However electric doors are great as they are harder to break into as there isn’t a generic lock to pick.

Make sure that the remote for your garage door is hidden inside your house. This helps with security in case anyone breaks into your home, so they don’t then also have quick and easy access to your garage.

If your electronic door has a code to unlock it, make sure it’s hard to guess and that no one else knows the pin. You should also make sure to update the software often to keep it up to date.

Smart locks are becoming more common, and some also include a two-factor authenticator which just adds to your garage security.


Keep the area around your garage clear

By keeping the area around your garage clear, this reduces the ability for a thief to hide. So, if you’ve got any big bushes or flowers, make sure they are moved or cut down small.

Whilst greenery can make the front of your house look pretty and welcoming, these can be easy to hide behind. The last thing you want is for your front garden to create an easy place for thieves to hide.

If you’ve got things out of the garage, don’t forget to put everything back in when you’re done using them, even if they’re inexpensive. Not only does this keep the area around your garage clear, but it also creates a good habit for locking up your garage each time as well.


Add security cameras to inside and outside your garage

Security cameras are brilliant for helping keep your garage more secure. Not only are they a deterrent for thieves, but they can also help you keep tabs on what’s going on outside your garage.

If for some reason you need the footage, it can be used as solid evidence if it covers a large span of your garage.


Keep the area well-lit with automatic lights

Lights which are triggered by motion can stop a thief in their tracks. They’re less likely to try any doors or handles if they are in plain sight.

Having lights will also help improve the quality of your security cameras. Not only can this be a benefit to your garage, but also your home. This is a great way to improve your garage security, as well as home security.


Alarms are great if there is broken entry

Window and door alarms are simple but effective. The way they work is that the alarm is triggered when the door or window is opened, whether this be with a key or forced entry. These are effective as they alert you that someone has broken in.

This combined with security lights and cameras, you’ve not only stopped the thief in their tracks, but you’ve also got them on camera.


Make sure any windows are covered

Adding blinds to the inside of your garage windows can help with security as people can’t see in. So, if you’ve got an expensive car or tools inside your garage, no one will know, as they can’t see.

You can get venetian blinds which you can move around so people can’t see in, and this allows for natural light to still come in if you’re working in your garage.


Doors from inside your home to the garage should be secure

Many people have doors which connect their home to their garage. This can be super convenient, especially if you use this space for storage. With this though you need to make sure that this internal door is secure.

This door should be sturdy, have a deadlock on it, and should be left locked at all times when not in use.

Whilst high security bolts and locks are more expensive, they are most definitely worth it. It could be the difference between losing your valuable or not.


Improved garage security could lead to cheaper home and car insurance

The more security measures you take a home, the less of a risk you become to thefts. This in turn could lead to you paying less for your home insurance and car insurance.

If you’re keeping your car in the garage then this is notably safer than keeping it just on the drive, or even on the road. This is a brilliant way to bring down your car insurance premium.

It’s time to take your garage security to the next level, to not only protect your possessions, but also help protect your home.


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