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Are you looking to buy a Range Rover? If so, you’ll probably be aware that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to source car insurance for them. This is where we come in…

Here at Carbon Insurance Brokers, we want to help get you get the best insurance policy, so you can get back on the road again.

If you’re thinking of buying a Range Rover valued over £75,000, here’s 5 things you’ll need to make sure you have. Once you have these covered, you can be considered for car insurance with Carbon Insurance Brokers.


  1. You must park your car in a locked garage

Firstly, your car will always be safer if it’s kept in a locked garage on your property, compared to on the road. This is even more important if you have a Range Rover, due to the high theft rates in the UK, especially London.

If your car is on your driveway or even on the road, then you are at a much higher chance of having your car tampered with or stolen. Why is this? It’s simply because people have easy access to your vehicle as there’s no obstacles in the way.

Not only does a locked garage keep your car safe, but it also helps protect it from the weather. This helps prolong the life of your car, so you can enjoy it for years to come.


  1. Your car must be behind electric gates if you don’t have a garage

If you don’t have a locked garage, electric gates are the next best thing.  Your gates should be high enough to prevent anyone jumping over, and ideally they should incorporate a key fob access or password protection.

The installation of electric gates places an obstacle between the thieves and your car.  The more time a car thief must put aside to steal your car; the desire to steal your car diminishes.

If you don’t already have electric gates around your property, then they are a great investment overall as they help to keep your home more secure.


  1. You’ll need an immobiliser fitted in your Range Rover

It has been widely documented by the media; how quick a professional car theft can dissemble your cars signal boosters in order to gain entry to your keyless car.   This is why insurers are now insisting on after-market immobilisers.

Similar to electric gates, you are putting another barrier that a thief must overcome in order to steal your vehicle. Not only do they have to dissemble your signal booster, they will also have to locate your tracker, and then work out your password for the immobiliser.  Yet again, you are increasing the amount of time that it takes to steal your car which will deter a professional thief.


  1. Make sure you have a second car of a similar value

When considering buying a Range Rover, you should ensure that you have a car of a similar value insured alongside this.

Why do you need this? It comes down to the fact that Range Rovers are high risk vehicles and by having a second vehicle of a similar value, it spreads the risk.

For example, if you have a Range Rover which is worth £100,000, and a Mini Cooper which is worth £5,000, a thief is much more inclined to steal the Range Rover.

Similarly, if you have a few cars insured, then you’re probably going to spread the miles you’re driving across the cars. Many people with multiple cars use their cars for different purposes. They’ll often use a different car for commuting, weekends away, or running errands etc.


  1. Keep your keys protected in a faraday bag

Without a faraday bag thieves will use a signal booster outside your house to tamper with the electromagnetic fields which are emitted from your car key. By boosting the signal, it acts as if your car key is next to the car, even when it’s inside your house. From here the thieves can unlock and open your car to get inside.

A faraday bag works by blocking the signals sent from your key. By blocking this, the thieves are unable to boost the signal in the first place to get into your car. This is why it’s so important to always keep your car key in a faraday bag when you’re not using it.


Trying to source Range Rover insurance?

With more and more people finding it hard to get car insurance for their Range Rovers, we can understand the frustration.

For some people, Land Rover Insurance aren’t issuing new quotes for their Annual Motor Insurance, amongst a few other policies. This means that people are left looking elsewhere for cover.

This is where we come in, here at Carbon Insurance Brokers we want to make sure that you can get cover for your lovely new vehicle. That’s why it’s important to consider the above before you make the purchase of your Range Rover.

Need some help? Contact us today for more information.

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